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QTJ4-26C paving block production line

简短介绍:Advantages of QTJ 4-26C block machine 1).Double column, double pressure block molding machine, is massively absorb foreign counterparts and domestic ,advanced mechanical technology block molding machine of have a little, in the country to the popularization and application of the new wall materials and the research and development of a semi-automatic type products. 2).The machine use low mode directional vertical vibration and on pressure vibration mode combination, is shaped products and fast, high density and strength uniform. 3).This machine design is reasonable, electric push the mold, material feeding automatically . Pallet feeding automatically compared QT4-40 block molding machine, It can save artificial 1-2 people, labor intensity is low. 4) It produces various blocks with different molds.
QTJ4-26C paving block production line

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